About the project

The project is developing a value chain from potential industrial CO2 sources to exploiting the emissions in production of Fischer-Tropsch olefins and, in utilizing olefins for the production of polyolefins and other chemical end products with long lifetime.

The emitting industries participating in the project (Metsä Spring Oy, Fortum and Vantaan Energia) have expressed ample interest in determining the optimal CO2 capture locations at their sites to advance in their ventures to become carbon neutral and possibly also carbon negative in the future. They have recognized CO2 as future raw material for renewable products. Potential end-users (ABB, Essity, Metsä, Stora Enso, Kemira) find the CO2-based end-products as a road to lower carbon footprint for their production and, also as competitive advantage in the international markets.

Time frame

August 2022 – December 2024

Project collaborations

FC collaborations

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