EuropaCat 2023, 15th European Congress on Catalysis, 27 August – 1 September, 2023 Prague, Czech Republic
Additively manufactured reactor development for exothermic synthesis; Heikkinen, Niko; Frilund, Christian; Virkki, Niko Virkki; Simell, Pekka; Reinikainen, Matti; Pasanen, Antti;
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (poster)

EuroCVD / Baltic ALD 2023 Conference, 29 May – 2 June 2023, Leuven, Belgium
Diffusion-reaction model for conformality evolution in ALD on spherical porous catalyst particles; Heikkinen, Nikoa; Lehtonen, Juhaa; Yim, Jihongb; Puurunen, Riikkab
a VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
b Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Aalto University, Finland

20th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization – ICCDU 23, 25-29 June 2023

Master’s Theses

Markus Luukkonen (2023), Process modelling for the separation of light gaseous hydrocarbons produced by iron-catalysed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (Aalto)

Oona Tuomisto (2023), Transportation of CCU-compounds (LUT)


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