Forest Industry Carbon dioxide Utilization for Materials and Plastics

The project main objective

  • To perform proof-of-concept for the production of light olefins in bench-scale at one of the optimal industry sites.
  • The main target application of light olefins is polyolefins.

Project concept

Project concept

Project needs


  • Need for sustainably produced olefins.
  • Need for sustainably produced polyolefins-based applications.


  • Renewal of “traditional” industries is prerequisite to survive.
  • New sustainable business needed for Finnish traditional industry.


  • Need to reduce GHG emissions rapidly.

April 9, 2024
Chemicals and materials from Finnish biogenic CO2 emissions
– BioCCU & ForestCUMP joint seminar on March 2024
Presentations available

March 5, 2024
New publication added

October 23, 2023
New poster and Master’s Theses

August 16, 2023
Three new presentations and one Master’s Theses

Project News 24.3.2023
Forest CUMP – Uusiutuvia polymeerituotteita Suomen teollisuuden päästöistä (in Finnish)

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